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About Mega Capital Financial Services Limited

Mega Capital Financial Services Limited is a growing Investment banking boutique, which transmuted from Mega Equities Limited with a proud heritage of over 12 years track record in the Nigerian financial markets to a full-fledged investment banking firm. We have our head office in Lagos Nigeria.

Mega Capital Financial Services Limited as a group provides a comprehensive range of financial products and services, such as Corporate Finance & Advisory, Institutional Fund Management, Private Wealth Management, Stock Broking services to institutions & private clients, Real Estate and Bureau de Change. Our stock broking division (Mega Equities Limited) is a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and has over the years developed to become a household name in stock brokerage services. We offer specialist advice on equities, bonds and real estate.

Our Heritage
The development of Mega Capital Financial Services Limited, has taken place in three distinct phases: inception, platform building and expansion.

2001: Inception
Mega Equities Limited was incorporated on December 19, 2001 as a securities trading company. The company commenced operation on 18 September 2002 after securing its license as a Broker/Dealer from the Securities and Exchange Commission and duly licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange as a Dealing member.

The company’s lines of focus at inception were four divisions focused on stockbroking, asset management, advisory services and investment management.

2008 – 2013: Platform building
In 2008, the board of Mega Equities took a strategic decision to expand the operations of the company from the hitherto narrow stockbroking activities to much broader investment banking services, which led to the incorporation of Mega Capital Financial Services Limited with investment banking capabilities and Mega Properties & Investment Company Limited as an alternative investment vehicle.

The market meltdown however affected the ability to commence operation of Mega Capital Financial Services Limited

2014 Onwards: Expansion
Mega Capital Financial Services Limited commenced operation with focus in Corporate Finance & Advisory as well as Asset Management, Fixed Income Trading, Bureau de Change, and Real Estate Advisory.

The focus of the Group is now to expand its customer base using the four business units that make up this platform (Corporate Finance & Advisory, Asset Management, Bureau de Change and Property).

Mega Capital Financial Services Limited recently acquired an operating license which qualified it as a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulated organisation as both an Issuing House and Asset (Portfolio) Manager.