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Equity Capital Markets

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Equity Capital Markets.

The equity capital market is broader than the stock market because it covers a wider range of financial instruments and activities. These include the marketing and distribution and allocation of issues, IPOs, private placements, derivatives trading, and book building.

We provide expert guidance to clients seeking to raise permanent or semi-permanent capital from the private and public capital markets.
Our approach to each transaction is unique. By working with our clients we develop a partnership to chart an optimal outcome across each transaction work streams including developing a compelling equity pitch, valuation, and investor marketing.

Our Equity Capital Markets capabilities include:

  • Initial Public Offerings and subsequent Public Offerings
  • Rights Issues
  • Private placements for both public and private companies
  • Mezzanine securities (e.g. convertible securities, exchangeable securities or redeemable preference shares)
  • Block Trades via single trades or Book Build