About Us

Why choose Us

It is easy to find an investment company who'll say they've got your best interest at heart. At Mega Capital Financial Services Ltd, we don't just talk the talk. From the customer-first standards we adhere to, to the generous amount of time we devote to each customer, to the unconflicted way we charge for our services, we walk the walk backed by a high level of experience and expertise that most firms cannot afford.

Our Mission

To provide tailored investment products and services to our dynamic customer base to help them navigate the markets successfully, creating confidence for them in their finances for the future.

What you get

We believe in making profit with honour and uphold good governance and the highest moral standards. The cornerstone of our investment framework is our ability to see and seize opportunity and introduce future initiatives for our portfolio companies with the end in view of improving overall value of these companies. The Company is keen in promoting collaborative partnership with its subsidiaries and views itself as an integral extension of their respective businesses.